Inclusion Policy

The 211info database contains 30,000 services offered by nearly 3,000 agencies in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Our database includes nonprofit, government and faith-based organizations that:

  • provide health and human services that are no-cost, low-cost or have a sliding scale fee based on income

  • have been operating for six months or more

  • serve the general public without requiring that consumers be members of their organization

Here’s a more detailed explanation of what programs are included.

Our database meets standards set by 211info and the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, or AIRS. In disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods, 211 services around the country can step up to assist a 211 organization like ours because we all use the same database structure.

Interested in having your organization added to the database? Fill in your agency information here.

If you notice a problem with the database, please call 503-416-2698 or email

Download the Inclusion Policy