Housing & Shelter

Coordinated Entry and Shelter Intake Access: 211info provides a single point of contact for various programs that support families and individuals experiencing homelessness, including a 24/7 contact center, shelter referrals, transportation options for Multnomah County specifically, and data entry to input family information into the homeless management information system (HMIS) used by all participating agencies. 211info specialists coordinate meetings between eligible families and individuals and housing team members; specialists also manage waitlists for shelter and housing placement.

Severe weather response: 211info disseminates public safety information and emergency shelter updates through social media, its website and contact center during extreme weather. 211info also solicits volunteers and directs donors to drop-off locations. Specialists assess the needs of clients and can coordinate transportation if needed.

Rent Well: Rent Well is a is 15-hour class, typically delivered over 6 weeks, and covers key information for being a responsible and stable tenant. Participants explore any screening barriers they may have and take steps to address those barriers. Rent Well would be appropriate for people with poor/no credit, past evictions, no rental history, criminal history, and/or other screening barriers to rental housing.

Housing foreclosure: Through funding from Oregon Housing and Community Services, 211info can assist people whose homes are in foreclosure, offering information and referrals to HUD-certified agencies.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): Looking for your local Public Housing Agency (PHA) to inquire about Section 8? Check the HUD contact list for an office near you.