Tsunami updates in Lincoln County on March 11

Tsunami Lincoln county

Latest Tsunami updates

Updates are still coming in from the Central Coast. Yet, early word is, the best case scenario seems to be playing out in that region.

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8:22 am - ALL Lincoln County schools are closed today. 

12:06 pm - Red Cross shelters are open throughout coastal towns.

The Lincoln County Emergency Operations Center continues to be activated and is providing this update at 1:25 pm…

Please, “Stay Off the Beach!” We continue to experience wave surges in the Depoe Bay area, and elsewhere. Until we receive the “all clear” announcement from NOAA the tsunami warning is still in effect.

Sometime before noon, Depoe Bay harbor experienced a wave surge that lifted one boat onto a dock, damaging the dock. Depoe Bay Coast Guard is monitoring the boats and docks with pumps on standby for bilge pumping if needed. No other damage has been reported.

Lincoln County Emergency Services is acting on information provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service. We are still uncertain about when the tsunami warning will be lifted. As a result, all people who are in tsunami inundation zones should remain evacuated to a minimum height of 50 feet above sea level.

A tsunami event contains a series of waves for a period of hours following the initial wave. As a result we are advising that citizens please wait for final word from authorities before returning to areas below 50 feet until an “all clear” has been announced.

Citizens are advised to monitor local news sources for further updates on the tsunami warning information.

Citizens are also reminded not to proceed to the beaches and not to panic.
Do not call 911 unless a true emergency exists. Lincoln County Schools are closed.
To reach Lincoln County Public Information Officer, Casey Miller: 541-265-0211 clmiller@co.lincoln.or.us

Repeated sets of tsunami waves have begun gently coming ashore on the Central Coast. The pattern is very high tide then the water retreats to very low tide. High tide, low tide, high tide, low tide. Although it’s more of a water slide, back and forth, there are reports that the tsunamis are bashing the California coast, including Crescent City and Santa Cruz. Many pleasure boats have been lost in the swirling waters. Three Depoe Bay boats survived a Tsunami that sent ocean water swirling inside the world’s smallest habor, sending one boat up onto Port Dock one, cutting it in two.

Fire rescue personnel are warning people to STAY OFF THE BEACHES BECAUSE TSUNAMI CURRENTS COME IN VERY FAST leaving visitors no where to go but to their graves.

There were 144 people sheltered last night at Newport Middle School, 300 at Taft High School and 150 at Crestview Heights School in Waldport.

A message from Newport Mayor Mark McConnnell reportrf that Newport’s sister city Mombetsu on the northern side of the north island of Hokkaido Japan are all doing well. The report is that the quake is the biggest in Japan’s history. Much of eastern japan has been damaged. 4.4 million residents of Tohoku are without power. Public transportation is down, including in Tokyo.

Click the link for information from the American Red Cross about the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Inquiries concerning U.S. citizens living or traveling in Japan should be referred to the U.S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Citizens Services at 1-888-407-4747 or 202 647-5225.

For inquiries about relatives living in Japan who are not US citizens, encourage the members of your community to keep calling or to try contacting other family members who live in the region. Even though communication networks overloaded right now, the situation may change and access to mobile networks and the internet may improve.

The Google Person Finder site is available at: http://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/?lang=en