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Does your area of interest fit in with the 211info blog? Check out the variety of services we cover and read some of our previous blog entries to get an idea. If you have an interesting take on connecting people with community health and social services then read on.

It is important to note this blog is not an advertising venue, nor is it a space for fundraising. No for-profit content or anything that falls outside of our inclusion/exclusion criteria will be accepted.

We do feature agencies and programs but make it interesting and about the clients you serve. No agency or mission speak! If you are looking to get the word out about the event send us the "what, where, who, when, why and how" or a PDF flyer with that information.

We can’t promise to post everything offered to us — please don’t take it personally.

There also will be times when we will ask a writer to tweak a contribution here and there, move a few things around — or maybe rewrite something to highlight a great idea that is buried a little deep.

A piece approaching 800 words in length should have the best potential.

At the least please include links and pictures. Video and audio are also encouraged. Include a catchy headline. Here are some suggestions for how to do that. Lastly, please include brief 2-3 sentence bio of author including name, title and organization.

And, of course, we’re looking for accuracy.

All ideas and comments are welcome. Email your great idea, link or blog post now.

p.s.: If you know someone who should be a contributor, please shoot them a link to this page. Tell them we sent you!