Early Childhood and Family Services

Every child is different. They come with unforeseen blessings and challenges. For the moments that puzzle parents, 211info is here. We listen. We respond. We connect. Our in-house family specialists work with you to find solutions for such topics as:

  • child development and behavioral strategies
  • school readiness and success
  • family stress and anxiety
  • parent support groups
  • basic family resources 

How to reach an Early Childhood and Family Services Specialist:

DIAL 211 and listen for the parenting option

TEXT the keyword children to 898211

EMAIL children@211info.org

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Child Care Referral


Foster Parent Support Line Services

This dedicated line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support for Oregon DHS Foster Parents and their families. Our services include information, resources and program referrals on topics such as:

  • parent support groups
  • free/reduced activities
  • community resources
  • parenting support
  • behavioral strategies
  • contacting certifiers and caseworkers
  • DHS foster parent roles and responsibilities


How to reach a foster parent support specialist:

DIAL       211 and listen for the parenting option

EMAIL    foster@211info.org

TEXT     the keyword foster to 898211