The Second Question: Insight, Resources, Connections

This was a historic week for health. Cover Oregon - the state's health insurance exchange - launched. And Health Share of Oregon – one of two coordinated care organizations that serves Medicaid patients in the tri-county area – celebrated its one-year anniversary. 
Even if your faith in the feds is shaken, you can always turn to your neighbors.  Fighting hunger one garden at a time The plant a row program designates drop-off sites so your garden can help fight hunger when you plant an extra row to donate to hunger-relief agencies. 211info staff member Deborah Willoughby recently visited with volunteers at the FISH of Orchards food pantry in Vancouver and said:
There have been a ton of news reports on the affects of the government shut down (including a couple filmed in our office). But we wanted to pass on the official word about the major programs you care about, because we’re getting calls from people who still want to know what’s up.  We’ll be keeping this post updated, as well as our call center, updated if anything changes.
We’re thrilled that these 211info texting posters will be placed all over the Oregon State University campus.
Parents want the best life possible for their kid. That's why we encourage parents and caregivers to talk things through with people you trust. Dialogue is a critical part of parenting. We believe this so much we set up a special parenting and caregiver phone line, staffed with master's-level experts, to talk things through with parents. Just dial 2-1-1 or text the keyword "children" to 898211.  Other than our parenting line, here are some more great ways to talk things through:
    This week, myself and other 211info staff members had the privilege of visiting the bustling, Durham-based offices of Cover Oregon.  
Veterans are twice as likely to die by suicide than civilians, according to the VA. But in honor of National Suicide Prevention Awareness, we wanted to shed some light on some of the amazing work being done to combat this problem. A strong message of hope 
Did you know a study in the journal Social Science Quarterly (2009), Adolescents Involved with Music Do Better in School, found that music training also had a positive effect on reading and math? That's why the good folks at the Youth Music Project, a new nonprofit music school, are offering affordable group classes in piano, guitar, drums, bass, vocal performance and rock band.
Yesterday we got the great news that 211info was selcted to help Cover Oregon - Oregon's new health exchange - reach people just like you and those your care about.  From The Statesman Journal:
1) Boost your parenting brainpower in the Mid-valley And remember in Polk County (as well as Lane, Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas) caregivers with questions can dial 2-1-1 or text the keyword "children" to 898211. Everyone needs to talk their kid's issues through, every once in a while. We're happy to provide master's-level staff to act as your sounding board.