The Second Question: Insight, Resources, Connections

"Thanks to Speaker Kotek, President Courtney, House Majority Leader Val Hoyle, Senator Devlin, Representative Buckley, Representative Nathanson, Senator Bates, Senator Steiner Hayward and the other 33 legislators who signed a letter in support to make state funding for 211 a possibility.
Starting this week, we're adding news items to this weekly listing. We hope you enjoy. Also, follow us on Twitter for the latest news.  In Multnomah County, the ever-important Downtown Compassion Clinic is this Saturday. As usual there are some great parenting events around the state, another Veterans Stand Down is around the corner and there are plenty more great event to check out.   Jump to events in:
Obviously poor money management is the result of most bankruptcies. People just need to make better choices. Right? If you’re yelling at your computer screen right now you’re probably not alone. Ever since I’ve worked at 211info we’ve had a little saying that summarizes what we’ve seen since the Great Recession: “Most of us are an illness and job loss away from being on the street.”
We all know what it feels like to spend hours searching through Craigslist’s extensive yet messy housing listings. It’s not a bad option, but in 2013 it seems like finding affordable housing that meets our needs should be a little better organized. For years, 211info has supported But there’s a new site in town for those in Washington and we think it’s pretty great. According to the site:
A program that is near and dear to our collective hearts at 211info – the Breast and Cervical Cancer Program – just got a big boost from the state legislature.
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This week the Native Wellness Institute is presenting a Native Veteran’s Summit held at the Uyxat Powwow Grounds off Hebo Road, Grand Ronde, from July 9th-July 12th. The cost is free for all veterans and their families. There will be camping space and free meals provided. Service Providers Workshops Include:
After a week off from posting events, this week's events listing is bursting at the pixels. We have a ton of great summer events for the family, we have cooking classes, we have educational opportunities and we have great Work Source event info to name a few.   Jump to events in:
Marie [Name changed for confidentiality] had done everything she should have to help her sick daughter. But that wasn’t enough. Her daughter, who had suffered a traumatic brain injury earlier in the year, was awaiting inpatient rehabilitation treatment. However, the paperwork to make it happen was jammed up in the bureaucracy. That’s when she picked up the phone and dialed 211 to speak with our Oregon Health Connect team.
This week we celebrate our independence as a nation and come together to give thanks with barbecues, picnics and fireworks. But for many veterans, there's a dark, often hidden, side to the Fourth of July. 
Extreme heat and humidity are predicted for the next several days. We will be posting locations and hours of operation of known cooling centers in the area on the map below. If you know of a cooling center that is not list, please email us. This listing will change frequently.  Questions? Monday - Friday, 8am to 6pm you can dial 211, toll-free, or text your zip code to 898211 with questions.