Veterinary services for low-income people [Douglas Co.]

low-cost vet services
Matt Kinshella

Time and time again we get calls from people just barely hanging on. They are worried about their kids, their spouses and themselves. But they are also worried about the four-legged members of the family.

Recently we came across Douglas County Low-Cost Veterinary Services. The website states:

Douglas County Low-cost Veterinary Services (DCLVS) was founded by Julia Russill in 2009 to address the pet overpopulation crisis in Douglas County, Oregon. Her goal was to create a high quality, low cost, veterinary clinic that would serve the spay/neuter and veterinary needs of low income pet owners, homeless pet owners and the animal welfare organizations of Douglas County.

Our goal is to decrease the euthanasia rate for Douglas County by 15% each year until we can become a “no-kill” county. We feel the only way to accomplish this is through affordable, targeted, aggressive spay/neuter .

Please share this around so people can help care for every member of the family.

Click here for a PDF brochure you can download as well.