The ultimate guide to understanding your military clients [Infographic]

By Deanna Dalton, Military Liaison

More than 300,000 active duty military, prior-service members and their families live in Oregon and Southwest Washington. And they need your help. 

As service members return home from Iraq and Afghanistan in the next several years and the conflicts over in the Middle East wind down, our roles to support these community members has just begun.

Working in social service it is important to understand the military culture, the various systems veterans and service members must navigate, and how to be culturally competent towards this growing and invaluable population.

At 211info, we have gathered our resources and information to construct a plain spoken, beginner’s resource guide to help better educate those who are working with Veterans but do not know where to begin. We have also created an infographic that highlights specific Oregon veteran statistical information throughout the state as well as basic information and vocabulary.

Download the free report and check out the infographic below. 

211info strives to be a leader for resources in the community and understands the importance of being culturally competent and inclusive towards our veteran and service member community.

If you have any suggestions, ideas to include, or information to amend for our resource guide, please do not hesitate to contact Deanna Dalton, our Military Liaison, at It is only though partnerships and support can we begin to create a community that values the veteran experience and builds a lasting safety net for our veterans.