Top five tips for National Women's Health week

By Matt Kinshella

We’ve been on a women’s health kick recently and it turns out we’re not alone.

This week is National Women’s Health week. And Women' have 5 tips to help us celebrate:

  1. Visit a health care professional to receive regular checkups and preventive screenings.
  2. Get active.
  3. Eat healthy.
  4. Pay attention to mental health, including getting enough sleep and managing stress.
  5. Avoid unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, not wearing a seatbelt or bicycle helmet, and texting while driving.

They also have a neat infographic (we love infographics!):

Calling for info

Lastly, don't forget you can get health information by phone by dialing 800-994-9662

Hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., EST. (closed on federal holidays).

This line helps connect you with information and resources to answer your health questions. They cannot provide a medical diagnosis or answer medical questions, but they can help you learn more. All medical questions should be directed to a doctor or nurse.

Their information specialists are trained to handle relay calls for those who use relay services. If you call after hours, you will be given the option to leave a message. An information and referral specialist or breastfeeding peer counselor will return your call on the next business day.