The free spay and neuter programs that would make Bob Barker proud

By Matt Kinshella

The Price is Right always cheered me up when I was a home-sick kid. And after all the plinko and showcases Bob Barker wrapped the show up with a request to spay and neuter our animals. 

Well, for folks with limited means, that isn't always an option. Unless you check out one of these great resources.


1) September free cat spay/neuter week!

2) Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund

The Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund is a not-for-profit 100% volunteer organization that works to end pet overpopulation and the resulting deaths of animals in our shelters by removing barriers to spay/neuter for companion animals.

3) Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon

Provides donor-based spay and neuter programs for feral and stray cats. Learn more about their services here

4) Portland Animal Welfare Team

Although they aren't focused on spays and neuters, PAW Team provides free veterinary health care clinics that include basic health exams, vaccines, flea and de-worming treatments, health and safety information, discounted county pet licensing, prescription food and medicine, and pet care supplies for the pets of people experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty. Learn more at: