1 in 6 homeless Americans are Veterans, but you can change that [Oregon]

By Matt Kinshella

Richard McFarthing

Soon we’ll be celebrating Memorial Day. Many will bar-b-que and enjoy the company of friends.

Most will take at least one or two quiet moments to remember someone who gave their life serving our country. For those who haven’t been touched by that kind of tragedy, we might imagine battlefields or the feeling of running our hands across the contours of a war memorial we visited. We’ll give thanks.

At 211info, we’re doing what we do best by spending the week sharing great military-related information provided by our new-ish Military Liaison Deanna Dalton.

But, today or perhaps tomorrow, I hope you take a moment not just to remember or be informed, but also to act.

Five dollars for our heroes

Our friends at the Human Services Coalition of Oregon reminded us that the Oregon legislature is considering a bill that asks Oregonians to pay an extra five dollars when buying or selling a piece of property, like a house, with the money going to help Oregon's heroes find a safe place to live.

A vote on this bill could happen as early as this week.

Sign the petition TODAY and send a message to your legislators that you want all Oregon veterans to have a safe, stable and affordable place to call home.

Click here to add your name: http://www.investinoregon.org/take-action/

Some facts to act on

  • 1 in 6 Americans who are homeless are veterans
  • 18-30 year olds who have served in the military are twice as likely to be homeless as their peers who have not served
  • Oregon can make a difference, and it can happen five dollars at a time. But you need to make your voice heard.

Sign the petition TODAY if you think helping our veterans with the basic need of housing is a good idea.

And remember to keep an eye on our military page or our Facebook and Twitter for more military-related content.

And lastly, if you have a second moment we’d love for you to call your state legislators and let them know you support state funding for 211info.