Is it normal? Things young kids do that make us wonder (and even worry)


Every parent has that moment when they ask themselves, "Is that normal behavior?" or "Do other kids do this?" It's reassuring to hear from experts that in most cases your child's actions are very common for someone their age.

When a parent tells me, ‘She’s been perfect since she was 2,’ I worry. To me, that’s a red flag; it’s a sign of an anxious child. When I hear there’s a little mischief - that’s a good thing.
— psychologist John Duffy has published a parenting guide that highlights several scenarios around manners, stealing, biting, meltdowns and fantasy play. Here's your chance to learn what experts say about common preschool behaviors - and how to turn mischief into teachable moments.

Download the document here.

Posted on September 14, 2015 and filed under early child.