Portland community service providers - your help is needed!

Did you know that our community has committed to house every homeless Veteran by Nov. 11, 2015? To make that a reality, your help is needed.

In a nutshell, our community has an unprecedented opportunity. Never before have there been as many housing resources for homeless Veterans as there are today. There are long-term and shorter-term rent assistance dollars from the federal government and local jurisdictions.

How Your Agency Can Help:

  1. Ask every person if they served in the military -- if they answer “yes” or “don’t know” make a referral.
  2. Sign up Veterans on the Veteran Registry.
  3. Direct Veterans -- who think they’re not eligible for anything -- to resources that can help  
  4. Use new resources to place and retain Veterans you are serving.
  5. Take on Veterans who have rental assistance but need support finding housing.

For more information about each of these points and how you can help, download this flyer.

Posted on May 27, 2015 and filed under housing.