Portland Community Garden program selling plots for 2015

Gardener with potted plants

Community gardens are a great way of eating healthier and building relationships in your community. Plots are available for purchase all throughout Portland. Find one in your community and get involved.

To sign up for a plot visit the Parks & Recreation Community Garden Program site or call 503-823-1612. Plots range in size and cost and scholarships available. 

SE Portland

Berrydale, SE 90th Ave. & SE Taylor St. 
Brentwood, SE 57th Ave. & SE Bybee Blvd. 
Ed Benedict, SE 104th Ave. & SE Bush St. 
Errol Heights, 4841 SE Tenino Dr. 
Lents, SE 88th Ave. & SE Steele St. 

N Portland

Clarendon, 9235 N Van Houten Ave. 
Kenton, N Houghton St. & N Burrage Ave. 
McCoy, 9399 N Newman Ave. 
Pier, 10198 N Iris Way
Portsmouth, 8702 N Courtenay Ave.

NE Portland

Cully, East of NE 42nd Ave. & NE Killingsworth St. 
Helensview, 8678 NE Sumner St.
Madison, 2735 NE 82nd Ave.
NE 72nd Ave, 5800 NE 72nd Ave. 
Rigler, NE 52nd Ave. & NE Prescott St.
Sumner Street, 4624 NE Sumner St.
Vestal, NE 81st Ave. & NE Everett St.

Posted on March 5, 2015 .