Learn about naturopathic solutions to SPD at NE Portland workshop

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Children living with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) do not process sensations in the same way as their peers. Jean Ayres, PhD describes SPD as a “traffic jam” that prevents parts of the brain from receiving the information needed to interpret sensory information correctly.  Children with a SPD often get overwhelmed by sensory challenges and can react with meltdowns, tantrums or withdrawals. 

A Swindells Resource Center workshop on April 9 brings in an SPD expert to share how lifestyle changes can bring fullness quite literally to your child’s life and help build resiliency. 

Dr. Valerie LaRosa, the workshop’s featured speaker, will focus on diet and how changes to it through nutrition knowledge can help children with sensory issues related to certain food tastes and textures. She will also explain the distinct biological basis for Sensory Processing Disorder and how it differs from other developmental conditions.

As a licensed naturopathic primary care doctor, Dr. LaRosa employs strategies which are gentle and effective. She focuses on pediatrics, and the biomedical treatment of children with autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorder. 

Join the Swindells Resource Center and Sensory PDX at the Providence Cancer Center Amphitheater (4805 NE Glisan St. Portland, OR 97213) on Thursday, April 9 from 6:30-8:30pm. 

Head over to the Swindells site to register online. Click on “online class catalog” and search by class name for “Sensory PDX-Natural Medicine for SPD-Portland.”

You can also register by phone. Call (503) 215-2429 or 800-833-8899 ext 52429

For more information about Sensory PDX, email seminarspdx@gmail.com.

Posted on March 19, 2015 and filed under events.