Support Black Parent Initiative by attending fundraiser (Portland)

The Black Parent Initiative wants to share an important message: that “Goodness Is In Our Midst” at a lunchtime fundraiser on February 25 at Portland’s Leftbank Annex.

You will hear the BPI story told by amazing minds in our community, as they tell you about Kimberly Porter and her team, and how they have become doulas to better support teen mothers in our community and ensure children have a fighting chance from birth. Charles Smith will also tell you about BPI's work, it's impact and what they truly do. 

Their mission: BPI educates and mobilizes the parents and caregivers of Black and multi-ethnic children to ensure they achieve success. Their approach is parent-focused, with classes for Black parents and frequent home visits to aid in better relationship building and safety for their children. Learn more about BPI’s core values, vision, and history, and discover the ways that BPI serves Multnomah County’s Black and African communities. 

Finally, reserve  your spot at the fundraiser on February 25 at 11:30am to learn about and support BPI. 

Posted on February 2, 2015 and filed under events.