eWIC leads WIC into the 21st century and makes using benefits much simpler for participants


The eWIC card makes it easier for you and your family to grocery shop for your favorite WIC eligible foods for these reasons: 

  • No more paper voucher 
  • You can swipe your eWIC card just like a debit card to purchase WIC eligible foods;
  • You can buy one item at a time and save the rest for another shopping trip;
  • You don't have to separate WIC foods from non WIC foods; just swipe your WIC card before any other sort of payment, and WIC foods will automatically be paid for.


Moving away from printed vouchers to the electronic benefit card, eWIC, will make it easier and faster for you to purchase your WIC staples including nutrient-rich foods like fruit & vegetables, low-fat milk and whole-grain bread.


The WIC staff is very excited to announce that both Linn and Benton County have successfully implemented the new eWIC card program. eWIC will be available at most Oregon WIC clinics by early March 2016


The eWIC card was developed to simplify grocery shopping. It allows you to use benefits how you want and when you want, while securing your benefits on a pin protected card.

to read more about eWIC or watch some helpful videos, click here  

Posted on December 28, 2015 and filed under food assistance.