Human Solutions opens year round family shelter in Portland

Homeless families or pregnant women in their third trimester will no longer have to sleep outside, in a car or abandoned building, or in any other dangerous situation.

Human Solutions will open their Family Shelter, located at the corner of 162nd and E. Burnside, on October 27.  The Human Solutions Family Shelter (HSFS) is a “no turn away” emergency homeless family shelter that offers extended hours - from 3:30pm to 7:30am daily. Unlike previous years, the shelter will not close in the spring but remain open year-round to meet the ongoing needs of children and families.

Some families staying at the shelter can also access day services at their Daybreak location.  Access to day services will be limited by capacity. Preference will be given to families with non school-aged children and pregnant mothers.

Accessing shelter: Individuals who are in need of housing are encouraged to call 211 to access the full array of county services available.  Homeless families are welcome to come directly to the Human Solutions Family Shelter (located at 16141 E Burnside) during regular service hours. Doors open every afternoon at 3:30pm with dinner served at 7pm.  Families have easy access to the program using the Max Blue Line stop located just outside Human Solutions' front doors (at 162nd and Burnside). Parking is available in the back lot for guests with vehicles. 

Program goals: To ensure that every homeless family has a safe place to be at night and during the day, but also has access to the resources and supports necessary to find and maintain stable housing. Last season, the Family Winter Shelter served a record 281 homeless families consisting of 960 people, including 511 children.  An average of 96 guests were served each night with a high of 134 guests.

How the community can help: Human Solutions Family Shelter and the Daybreak program rely on community donations to be able to provide blankets, pillows, new or slightly used clothing and food for homeless children and parents, as well as diapers for babies and toddlers, and educational toys, books, and other playthings for a wide range of youth.

Human Solutions contact for volunteers and donations: Danielle Stirnaman, Human Solutions Outreach Coordinator: 503-278-1637 or

Human Solutions contact for shelter services: Charles Hodge, Human Solutions Emergency Services Manager: 503.544.3935 or


Posted on October 27, 2015 and filed under housing, basic resources.